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What Matters Now

Seth Godin’s new book, “What Matters Now,” is an interesting co-creation by a number of web influentials. Although as you might expect, it is a bit scattered in focus in that it sometimes calls out contradicting views (ie – “Slow … Continue reading

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Crowdsourced Job Descriptions

In thinking about how businesses can become more socially-calibrated, I am surprised we are not seeing more experimentation in crowd-sourcing job descriptions. Continue reading

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Parallel Thought: Dachis Group

It’s not often that you stumble upon a group of people who’s thinking about the future of business so closely parallels your own.. a social business design consultancy called Dachis Group. The Dachis Group helps businesses make sense of how … Continue reading

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Collective Intelligence & The Future of the Web

“I think that these trends are all combining, and going real-time. Effectively what we’re seeing is the evolution of a global collective mind, a theme I keep coming back to again and again. This collective mind is not just comprised of humans, but also of software and computers and information, all interlinked into one unimaginably complex system: A system that senses the universe and itself, that thinks, feels, and does things, on a planetary scale.” – Nova Spivack Continue reading

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