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Marketers should study cognitive neuroscience…

Due to advancements in imaging and experimental technologies, cognitive neuroscience is currently undergoing a renaissance in which our understanding of the way the mind works is growing very rapidly on a yearly basis. That same understanding can vastly enhance our … Continue reading

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Monsters, One-Uppers and Recruiting 2.0

In the course of my summer studies at Babson, I have conducted a network analysis of the online recruiting website ecosystem, which essentially entailed the analysis and mapping of the strategic alliances of Monster, Careerbuilder, Indeed, SimplyHired and LinkedIn. You … Continue reading

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9 Things All Great Leaders Do

I just finished listening to an ETL (Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders Seminar) lecture by Bob Sutton of Stanford, wherein he talked about leadership and what characterizes great leaders from average or even bad ones. It echoed a lot of my thinking … Continue reading

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The Surprising Science of Motivation

Dan Pink argues that what science knows about motivation, is markedly different from what business practices… Specifically, the carrot/stick method of motivating people to work in business, is only effective for robotic job tasks – it is utterly ineffective at … Continue reading

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Crowdsourced Job Descriptions

In thinking about how businesses can become more socially-calibrated, I am surprised we are not seeing more experimentation in crowd-sourcing job descriptions. Continue reading

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Career Fulfillment through Social Business Design

I am most passionate about social business design and its potential to make our careers more meaningful and fulfilling for us on a personal level. For far too long, corporations have neglected to understand and engage with both their customers and their employees in meaningful, collaborative interactions, opting to apply industrial age approaches to information age challenges. Now, with the advent of new media, organizational hierarchies are flattening into horizontal networks of influence and businesses are starting to understand that it is more effective to influence than to coerce, more rewarding to converse than to message, and more fruitful to engage than to target. Continue reading

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Take Control of Your Personal Brand

Surely, we will eventually see that we will have to relinquish more and more control over our personal brands (as is already the case with corporate brands), but right now, each of us has an amazing opportunity to shape the future of those brands – to shape the structures, connections and flows of information around our brands. Right now, we can be the architects the rivers of influence and information that flow into and shape our personal brands… are you taking advantage of one of the most important opportunities of your lifetime? Continue reading

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