Monsters, One-Uppers and Recruiting 2.0

In the course of my summer studies at Babson, I have conducted a network analysis of the online recruiting website ecosystem, which essentially entailed the analysis and mapping of the strategic alliances of Monster, Careerbuilder, Indeed, SimplyHired and LinkedIn.

You can download the full report here or by clicking the image below.


This study looks at the online career website ecosystem and how the players therein enter and bring value to the market. In analyzing the strategic alliance networks of the major players in the online recruiting space, we must be mindful to never confuse correlation with causation – the network structure may either be the cause or the emergent outcome of one player beating out another in the marketplace. We should also be mindful of the fact that “strategic alliances” are the proxy used in this analysis, and that this is by far not an exhaustive list of each player’s networks. Nonetheless, based upon the inter-connections between players, and upon their position in the online recruiting ecosystem, we can observe three distinct business models which give us clues as to which players are best adapted to the rapidly-changing landscape.

In this study, we learn:
• Monster is fighting a losing battle with Careerbuilder and it is focusing on developing the wrong parts of its network.
• Careerbuilder is experimenting with emerging web platforms, but is not in a position to dominate Recruiting 2.0.
• SimplyHired and Indeed are fighting it out in the vertical search space; Indeed is winning in traffic but SimplyHired is better positioned (from a network perspective) for future growth.
• LinkedIn is in a network position to dominate Recruiting 2.0.

Download: Shakarian Monsters One-Uppers & Recruiting 2.0

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