Collective Intelligence & The Future of the Web

Another interesting post by Nova, who is the founder of a semantic web company called Radar Networks, wherein Nova talks about how the web is evolving into a sort of collective intelligence:

“I think that these trends are all combining, and going real-time. Effectively what we’re seeing is the evolution of a global collective mind, a theme I keep coming back to again and again. This collective mind is not just comprised of humans, but also of software and computers and information, all interlinked into one unimaginably complex system: A system that senses the universe and itself, that thinks, feels, and does things, on a planetary scale.”

The quote and the post only go skin deep (at least for me) but if you are really interested in digging deeper, and have a few minute to read a brilliant seminal post on this topic, Nova wrote this one a while back. This was, for sure, one of those posts that just makes you dream; I found myself spacing out and thinking about “the global mind” and “collective intelligence” for days after reading this one.

“The planet-sized “Web” computer is already more complex than a human brain and has surpassed the 20-petahertz threshold for potential intelligence as calculated by Ray Kurzweil. In 10 years, it will be ubiquitous. So will superintelligence emerge on the Web, not a supercomputer?”

I also like this chart which Nova produced, which alludes to a potential evolutionary path for the web:
social web

As always, I don’t really give much credence to the timelines we tend to attach to these types of predictions, as the web has continually proven us wrong; things just move so much quicker than we expect, that I think we will have this type of collective intelligence much sooner than the timelines that Nova talks about (50-100 years in the first post I linked to).

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