RIP: Garmin & TomTom

Rest in peace, Garmin and TomTom – platforms like Android will bleed you dry and eventually kill you… it will be slow and painful.

You’ve been busy spending time developing hardware and software, all of which has fallen very short of perfection. Very few companies (ehhhm, Apple) have been able to do that successfully, and you are not one of them.

You always turn on too slowly, you dont query a server for points of interest (POI’s) and require that I manually upload POI’s or pay for your “premium” services. You have have dated user interfaces and none of you augment my reality or act as my phone…

Well… you try to be my phone:


Anyways, let me save you the trouble and tell you what will happen to you:

1) You will consolidate the marketplace

2) You will develop inferior mobile applications (you don’t know software-not really, even if you do integrate with google maps)

3) You will have to slash prices… and shed manpower

4) And finally, you will slowly but surely shrink out of existence

So say good night, Garmin & TomTom – spend your last few years in quiet dignity.

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