Social Software – Inside Out vs. Outside In Perspective

Corporations are struggling to identify what their “bench strength” consists of… how do you know what areas of expertise (beyond their immediate capacities in their current positions) your employees have? What do they rant about on their free time on their blogs? What kinds of social networks do they have and how do their actions [influence] ripple through those networks?

It’s a great question and I am relieved to see that there are companies thinking about how to help shed some light onto individual employee knowledge/expertise beyond what is identified in typical/common corporate interactions. On a basic level, this can be as simple as tying people’s various “social graphs” (for lack of a better term) together; precisely what companies like SocialText are trying to do. God bless; in the immediate short term, this type of visibility is a much needed incremental step forward.

Our Social GraphOur Social Graphs

In the longer term, I think there is a bigger play; a play from the individual, not the ‘corporate,’ angle…

Our social graphs need to be pulled into one place (done), quantified and tied to our professional network (done and done). Ok, now here is the kicker; what if we could leverage this collective “social profile” to redefine the idea of ‘resume’ and ‘career?’ In the least, we could surely do a better job of showcasing our passions but of course, we could go much further… we could truly build our personal brands; we could self-assemble into a cohesive professional network… maybe, just maybe, we could even come together individually, to build something great…

These are the things I think about.

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